Entry #1

Just joined Newgrounds, and I've got some new software for mp3s

2009-06-21 15:11:47 by Nijg

Hey everybody!

I have been working with Darthmarus on songs for his game he's working on. What we have been doing is I write a song (or give a song I've written) for him, and then he remixes it as mp3 for his game (see my Audio Favorites.) He has showed me the software he uses, which is FL Studio, and I too have begun to remix my songs. I plan on posting the new mp3 versions of my songs on newgrounds soon, just as soon as the first one gets moderator approval. I plan on creating a decently large library of the songs, hosted on newgrounds, and use newgrounds as the site for my links to direct to when giving people mp3 samples of my music.


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2009-06-22 16:13:42

I thought your music was approved already. If it takes too long, I can tell you a name of an audio moderator so you can ask him to do something. I remember mine took 2 days, or maybe less than that.

This is TGM, btw.

Nijg responds:

I submitted my music 4 days ago, and it has not been approved yet. What is the audio moderator's name?