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This is really really good and realistic. It reminds me of Hans Zimmer. I would love to know what samplers/vsts you use!!

I wish I could write music this good...

Nice and catchy

PolyVerse responds:

Thank you :D


I love how you mastered the feeling you were striving to convey.

Very Good

I can definitely see some influences from Indie Rock.

I love the progression. This song is just overall great.

But I have to wonder, how does this have far more downloads than listens?

larrylarrybb responds:

I'm not sure, but I think it has something to do with being linked to sites outside of newgrounds.

Good Effects and Good Arrangement

The way you used the effects and your bass/drums was quite effective.

I also liked the melody variance near the end.

The thing I didn't like was that for most of the song it was the same variant of the melody over and over again, and the swing part just didn't fit.

As for what you could add, I was thinking you could probably make some sort of variant that changes the lead instrument, and have the variant be recognizably close to the actual melody, but still different; perhaps invert it or something of that sort.


I can't believe this song hasn't gotten any 10/10 reviews yet!

This is pretty relaxing and I can see it fitting perfectly with a puzzle background.

You did an extremely good job in writing a calm song that could be repeating endlessly without annoyance.

I like the effects, if only I knew how to add effects...

wandschrank responds:

Thank you very much, sir! :]


This song is so inspiring.

Love it

This is the type of song that I would listen to over and over again just because of the lyrics. The voice sounds so mature, yet its talking about a funny subject. Perfect.

And the instrumentation is good too, the epicness of the instrumentation adds to the hilarity of the lyrics since it sounds so serious yet it isn't.

Great Song!

You have some very catchy melodies and good transitions in this song. I like it!

http404error responds:

Thanks! I'll post more stuff tomorrow, no thanks to the stupid 2-a-day limit.

I am LDS. I compose music by request for games, videos, and other productions. I have written more than 1,000 compositions.

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